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Investigating the roles of TLDc proteins in neurodevelopment, neurodegeneration and neuroprotection
10.6.2020, 12:00 - 13:00
Speaker:Peter Oliver, Medical Science Division, University of Oxford
Location:Anderer Ort/Other Location
Organizer:European Neuroscience Institute
Members of the TLDc protein family are associated with a range of neurological disorders characterised by epilepsy,
neurodegeneration and neurodevelopmental delay. The TLDc domain itself is highly conserved across species,
although the structure-function relationship is unknown. To understand the role of this domain in the stress
response and disease, we are carrying out systematic functional analysis of TLDc domain-containing proteins as well as investigating their neuroprotective properties in mouse models of neurodegeneration. We also revealed for the
first time the essential role of the epilepsy-associated TLDc family member TBC1D24 at the mammalian synapse and are now focussing on a new function for TLDc proteins in vesicular trafficking, combining electrophysiology and
three-dimensional structural studies of the synapse with cell biology and biochemical approaches.
Host:Dr. Ira Milosevic
Contact:Dr. Ira Milosevic0551
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