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Mathematische Gesellschaft
What cohomology of arithmetic groups, orbifold cohomology and topological K-theory have in common
11.5.2017, 16:15 - 17:15
Speaker:Dr. Alexander D. Rahm, l'Université du Luxembourg, Mathematics Research Unit
Location:Mathematisches Institut, Bunsenstr 3-5SitzungszimmerGras Geo Map
Organizer:Mathematisches Institut
Ad-hoc reduction tricks for torsion subcomplexes have been known and used by some experts at least since the 1970's for computations on the cohomology of arithmetic groups. But traditionally, these tricks were not written up, and had to be re-discovered. The contemporary viewpoint is that these tricks fit into a technique of torsion subcomplex reduction that is powerful enough to shift away from example computations, in favour of establishing general dimension formulas; and also can be used outside the cohomology of arithmetic groups, for instance for orbifold cohomology and topological K-theory. These applications have been made precise in a series of papers summarized in the speaker's habilitation thesis, which will be defended four weeks after this talk.
Host:Dr. Claudia Schoemann
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